The Italian insurance market is one of the largest in Europe but it is relatively underdeveloped. Notwithstanding the fact that it is served by both domestic and foreign insurers recent research suggests that as the requirement for a diversity of insurance products increases the existing market will not be able to satisfy demand.

The Local market is currently dominated by a relatively small number of multi-national insurance groups each of which distributes its life and non-life products via a tied agency network Focussed primarily upon providing shareholders with stable growth and profitability; their recent strategy has been centred upon the Life Sector.

In light of the recent deregulation of the tied agency networks Lime Street Insurance Brokers is well-placed to benefit from the increase in the demand for specialist non-life insurance products. Our team of multi-lingual and multi-national insurance professionals is working to fill the gap created by the lack of capacity and expertise in the local market to underwrite specialist risks, particularly in the liability sector.

We are currently working with our national network of brokers to develop new products to satisfy the increasing opportunities that exist in lines such as Directors’ and Officers’ liability (D&O), Professional Indemnity, Fine Art and Marine covers such as cargo and yacht policies.

Lime Street Insurance Brokers is dedicated to supporting its growing network of brokers as they transition from tied to independent status

We will assist your agency’s drive to increase profitability in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing sector. If you partner with Lime Street we will seek to provide a range of products, delivered in an environment where quality of service is paramount. In a competitive environment we recognise that our offering must combine keenly priced products delivered by state of the art systems that combine ease of use, speed, accuracy, and flexibility.

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