Technology is one of the most important features of our daily lives impinging upon all aspects of business. Our dependence on technology both a work and home has evolved over the past 20 years and it has never been easier to access information, make changes, and take care of business with the click of a button. Whilst this has contributed positively to the efficiency of businesses it brings with it enhanced security risks, including exposure to fraud and cyber crime.

At Lime Street Insurance Brokers we recognize the risks inherent in technology and working with carefully selected partners we can provide clients with a comprehensive risk review, which in addition to identifying your insurance needs will also enable you to address any weaknesses in your current technological environment. From an insurance perspective we can provide a full range of insurance products to cover cyber risks to your computer systems, telephony and internet enabled services.

At Lime Street Insurance Brokers we have extensive experience in the risks associated with information technology and data management and offer our clients the utmost confidentially in addressing what is often an extremely sensitive insurance requirement. Our reputation is built on finding the right solution for our clients. We can be relied upon to offer guidance, support and the best coverage.

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